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The Family Pack is a long term project. The following sets out the current intended order of development and anticipated milestones. In general, the objective of the pre-alpha phase is to achieve a minimum working program that demonstrates the Evidence - Conclusion data model. The alpha phase will concentrate on developing the database design whilst the beta phase will work on the user interface to create an easy and pleasant to use application. The speed of development will depend on many things and so dates are deliberately missing.

Pre-alpha phase

The Pre-Alpha versions are not complete, but are being released so the curious can see what the project is about and can, if they wish, provide some feedback.

V0. pre-alpha

  1. Add Islamic and Hebrew Calendars to date system. Done.
  2. Extend the Event system.

V0.3.0.1.x pre-alpha

These will be the public pre-alpha versions. Again, these will not be complete but will allow people to follow the progress of the project. Some important items that need implementing early.

  1. Allow connection of multiple databases.
  2. User created local Calendar system.
  3. Improve main display to include an expanding tree control.
  4. Get the Source, Citation and Repositories subsystem working.
  5. Expand the Name subsystem to separate Persona and Individual names.
  6. Provide link between Names and Events.

Alpha phase

The Alpha phase of this project will concentrate on developing the Database design.

V0.3.0.2 alpha

This will be the first public alpha version. This should be the smallest program that demonstrates the Evidence - Interpretation - Conclusion design model. However, I am not able to resist adding a few extras, to see how they work out.

  1. Develop the Data Confidence methods.

V0.3.0.x alpha

These will be the public alpha versions.

  1. Develop the Common Data database model.
  2. Improve the Places subsystem.
  3. Improve the Historic Events, time line system.
  4. Complete GEDCOM Export.
  5. Develop a Name expert system.

Beta phase

The beta phase will develop the user interface to produce a visually attractive and easy to use program.

V0.3.1 beta

This will be the first public beta version. I will know when this point arrives as it will be the version that allows me to abandon my current family tree data system and move it onto TFP. This will not be a general recommendation though, since maintenance of the database across versions will be an aim but may not necessarily be achieved.

From this point the versioning system will use a Major, Minor, Revision system where an even Minor number indicates a stable release with only (mostly?) bug fixes applied, whilst odd Minor numbers are used for developing new features and are therefore less stable.

V0.3.x beta

Beta versions developing a working User Interface.

V0.4.0 beta

First usable beta. (From this point, Databases will be maintained across upgrades).

V0.4.x beta

Bug fixes to V0.4.0.

V0.5.x beta

Further development.

Stable Release phase

Once all parts of the database and program are working and fully tested, then Version 1 will be released. Development and bug fixing will continue as before.


First released stable version.

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22nd March 2012