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Contact Subsystem

Contact Subsystem

A single contact system is used for all entities that are contactable. Note that since all Users are also Researchers, a Users contact details can be found by looking up the relevant Researcher. If a Researcher is also an Individual in the database, only one contact list is needed.

Contact List

ContactList table Core Data
0NULLList associated with Unstated Reasearcher
1NULLList associated with initial default Reasearcher

This table is used to collect the various contact values available for a single entity. It is expected that most contact lists will be associated with Individuals although naturally this will be confined to living Individuals. The [ind_id] column is used to point to the Individual concerned.

The Contact List may also be pointed to by a Researcher entry (and thus indirectly by a User) and by a Repository.


The Contact value [val] is normally a text string, but could in some cases be a number or ID.

Contact Type

ContactType table Core Data
0 Unstated type

The ContactType table is prefilled with core data as shown on the right. This can be extended by the user (using positive ID numbers) as we find more varied ways of contacting each other.

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