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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the preferred medium for discussion. They may seem a bit old fashioned but I think they are still the most flexible and inclusive. Please consider the following points before posting.

This is a low volume, read-only list where program releases and other items of importance to users will be announced. Join/Manage
If you need help in using The Family Pack program, this is the place to ask. Join/Manage
A general discussion area. Anything that does not fit into the other lists and is relevant to The Family Pack program or database may go here. Join/Manage
Technical matters relating to the program design and/or source code may be discussed. Join/Manage
For the discussion of technical matters relating to The Family Pack database design or common data. Join/Manage


Whilst Mailing Lists are the preferred discussion medium, for those who are more comfortable with web forums, the following is available. I am quite happy to add more if the demand is there.

General Discussion
A general discussion area.


Trackers are used when some action is required. Entering the action in the Tracker ensures that it is not forgotten. At the moment, there is only one for bugs, but I will add more if necessary.

If you find a bug in the program, enter a report here. If you ae not sure whether it is a bug or not, ask in the thefamilypack-help mailing list first.


If none of the above methods of support are suitable, you may email the developer directly. nickmat at

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