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PlacePartType table Core Data
0Place holder for Unstated PlacePartType

The final Places subsystem design is currently undecided. It could be as simple as a text field or as complex as a digital map that can be set to any point in time. The approach of TFP is to start off simple but allow allow for expansion. This is one area where it really helps to have some background data built into the system, so the design will have the exchange of local and common data (in both directions) as a key objective.

For the moment, the Places subsystem will use the GenTech design where locations are broken down into a hierarchy of place names. A particular address is obtained by creating a sequence of names in a particular order. However, the current TFP test program is limited to a very simple format - only one PlacePartType, that of 'Address' is defined, so the full place address is held as single text string.

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7th September 2010